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Gas-fired boiler NAVIEN Unitec 24s

Heated area m²:
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Model:  NAVIEN Unitec 24s

Heating size for southern aream2 200
Heating type- Closed
Function- Heating/hot water
Applicable gas- 12T(Natural gas)
Gas supply pressurePa 2000
Product dimension(H*W*D) 465×275×770
Size of package(H*W*D) 565×340×885
Electric PowerV/Hz 220/50
Rated powerW 120
Rated heat loadkW 26.4
Maximum heating inputkW 26.4
Heating output (80/60℃)kW 10.3~24.3
Heating output (50/30℃)kW -
Maximum Heat efficiency% 92.8
Is there the return water controller- No
Energy efficiency gradegrade 2
NOx gradegrade 5
Maximum DHW pressureMPa 0.3
DHW working pressurekW 24.3
DHW working pressureMPa 0.02~0.8
DHW flow rate ΔT = 30 ℃L/min 11
Size of flue pipeMm CoaxialΦ100/Φ60
Connection of heatinginch 3/4
Connection of DHWinch 1/2
Connection of gasinch 3/4
Room controller- Optional
Net/gross weight(kg) 37/40
Maximum temperature of exhaust gas(℃) -

Internal structure of boiler and function
1. Main controller
Large LCD displays with various functions of boilers
Easy and convenient boiler setting and safety check
2. Main heat exchanger
High-quality stainless steel applied
Absorb generated the heat while combustion more efficiently
Keep the heat exchanger sanitary
3. GRUNDFOS/WILO circulation pump
High performance, low noise, and high efficiency
Powerful pump supplying constant water flow
4. Proportional control valve
The Proportional control valve optimizes gas and air proportion to effective proportional combustion.
5. EBM energy saving fan
Low noise and high quality fan
6. Air pressure switch
APS(Air Pressure Sensor) senses the wind and automatically adjusts the air volume for the stable combustion.
Convenient and multi-functional front control panel
  • 1. On/off button : turn on/off the boiler and set the heating & hot water state with exit button.
  • 2. Hot water pre-heating button: turn on/off quick hot water function.
  • 3. Winner and summer switching button : Select winner heating mode or summer hot water mode.
  • 4. Hot water temperature increase button : increase the hot water temperature.
  • 5. Hot water temperature decrease button : decrease the hot water temperature.
  • 6. Heating temperature increase button : increase the heating temperature.
  • 7. Heating temperature decrease button : decrease the heating temperature.
  • 8. Reset button : Reset the boiler setting.
  • 9. LCD screen: Easily check LCD screen displaying current hot water & heating temperature, operate state, function state and error code.
  • heating mode Constant on indicates to operate under heating mode. Flash indicates to be under anti-freezing state
  • Hot water mode Constant on indicates to operate under the living hot water state
  • Hot water pre-heating mode Constant on indicates to operate under the hot water pre-heating mode
  • Indoor temperature icon(for user with temperature controller) On indicates that the indoor temperature is off and the heating stops
  • Anti-freezing icon On indicates that the system is under anti-freezing state
  • Failure icon Flash indicates the system failure state
  • Flame indication It indicates that the system is combusting and heating and displays flame strength
  • Winter mode It indicates that the wall-mounted boiler is under winner mode
  • Summer mode It indicates that the wall-mounted boiler is under summer mode
  • Temperature and error code Constant on indicates current actual temperature or failure code. Flash displays current set temperature

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